Orientation and Class Schedule  

Jason Barthel



 If you need further instructions There is a video on the REGISTRATION page

The 2023-24 “Related Training” school year is right around the corner. Many of you are wondering which classes you will be taking and when they will be. Here are some announcements that will help you answer those questions.

If this is your first year attending classes you will need to come to  Orientation night, on Sept 13th, from 6pm to 7:30pm

If you missed a class, we will have an opportunity to make up some of those classes early in the school year.

Your “personal” class schedule will be decided by you. If this is your first year or you have never attended classes you will need to sign up for the following classes:

  • Introduction to Roofing,
  • Safety,
  • History,
  • Math/Blueprint.

(First year apprentices now skip down to step 4,REGISTRATION

          Second, Third and Fourth year apprentices. You must first take missed classes from past years. No out of order classes (for example BUR III then BUR II).  To register:

  1. Click on the CLASSES link above
  2. Go to search and type in either your first or last name.
  3. The classes that show on the list are the courses you will need to register for. (Write these down)
  4. Next Click on REGISTRATION at the top of the web page
  5. Classes, Dates, and Open Seats can be found here, 
  6. Select the date that works best for you for the class that you are required to take
  7. Click on the class date that you want, then click on the box that says REGISTER,
  8. Enter Name, Email, and Phone Number then select 1 in box with the down arrow
  9. Click Submit

Follow these steps for all classes you need to take. You must take the first four classes on the list before any class in parenthesis (by date). If you are behind you can take more classes per instructors approval. Leadership class can be taken instead of Waterproofing or Coatings.

 If there is any question what class you are eligible for please contact RC. rayc@orswroofersapp.com

 Registration opens July 1 ,you must sign up online for your classes before August 26th  2023, you could get a Hold Notice to Appear If not signed up for classes 

Thank you again for your cooperation, we look forward to seeing you at this years related training classes.


Jason Barthel